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Looking for the perfect way to get your brand off the ground or update your current branding? Need to advertise for your business or an event?  Does your website need a facelift?  

Contact Masquerade Marketing & Designs for help in turning your vision into design!



I’m Leah Skeete Walker, a marketing communications professional, originally from Virginia Beach, VA, but currently based in Charlotte, NC. I have experience in the graphic design world helping clients bring their visions to life with an extensive and varied background in marketing. I specialize in conceptualizing and creating visual expressions and communications with expertise in graphic design, web design, and social media management.  I love to build brands, advertise for events, and create websites for clients that are as passionate about their work as I am!


Creating promotional pieces takes time, talent & creativity. Allow me to show you what my creativity can do for you.

YP Edge Flyer
Promo Materials


Need to capture the eye of a customer? Are you trying to launch your brand?  Let’s work together to get your brand recognized!​


Ready to start building your brand?

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